Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Crapification of Air Travel, And Don’t Expect AMEX to Help, Either

The tale of a barcoded duffel bag that’s gone astray– and the crapification of the system for finding it. Booking via AMEX no help.

Links 7/3/2017

When Trying to Increase Your Pay Was Dangerous

The long and often brutal history of owners scheming to contain pay levels.

Economics of the Populist Backlash

Populist movements are the regular result of trade-induced economic dislocations and distribution. So why were economists surprised?

Canada Undermines Targets for Protecting Oceans by Increasing Oil Exploration

Sabine Jessen discusses Trudeau’s plans to increase offshore oil exploration that undermine oceans protection commitments Canada has made.

Mandatory Arbitration Clauses: What’s Next?

What will CFPB head Richard Cordray do about mandatory arbitration clauses. Some Dems mull action– even without majority to change policy.

Links 7/2/2017

Wolf Richter: Apartment Rents Drop as Commercial Real Estate Sours

Commercial real estate sector falls from December 2016 peak, median apartment rents decline in dozen most expensive rental markets.

Links 7/1/17

Jim Chanos: U.S. Economy is Worse Than You Think

Famed short seller Jim Chanos gives a hard look at America’s fundamentals. He is not impressed by what he sees.

Stadiums or Schools: An Analysis of Public Expenditures

A look at yet another sop to the rich, in this case sport franchise owners: government-supported stadiums.

2:00PM Water Cooler 6/30/2017

Today’s Water Cooler: TPP, NAFTA, Holder’s mysterious tweet, Senate health care battle, CA single payer, the romance of shipping containers

The Slogan ‘Globalization Equals Growth’ Is Wrong

Looking at different types of globalization helps explain why it isn’t necessarily beneficial.

Links 6/30/17

Gaius Publius: An Investigation in Search of a Crime

How one element of the investigation into Trump is a nothingburger even if it pans out.