Friday, May 25, 2018

How CalPERS Cooks Its Books to Lie to the Press, Board, and Beneficiaries About Its Costs

CalPERS seems willing to do whatever it takes to spin a positive story, even if it means cooking its results. In its May board meeting, one of the topics is the giant pension fund’s cost effectiveness. Staff appears wedded to the need to tell a tale of continuous improvement regardless of what is actually taking […]

Why Calling for Universal Benefits Is a Realistic Political Strategy

By Marina Bart (formerly aab) a writer and former public relations consultant, who thinks and writes about many things, including political economy, culture, and communication. This is a companion piece to “Why Anti-War Purity Tests Are Not Sound Political Strategy”. * * * If you are not at the top of the food chain, the […]

Apollo Triple-Dips on Fees as It Squeezes Union and Grifts from Investors

Last month, the Guardian reported on how union workers at a company called Momentive Performance Materials went on strike for 105 days to try to limit yet more cuts to wages and benefits from its private equity owners, led by Apollo, and largely lost. Momentive, located in upstate New York, is a particularly poignant example […]

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Trade “Trump offered the idea of imposing a ‘reciprocal tax’ on U.S. imports on Monday that economists warn would only serve to drive up prices for American consumers — and that the White House later seemed to walk back” [Politico]. “‘There is nothing formal in the works right now,’ a senior administration official said. ‘He […]

CalPERS’ Bogus Charge Against Its Lone Effective Director

As Bill Black and we described at length earlier this week, CalPERS’ board is moving forward with a plan to strip the one board member who does his job, JJ Jelincic, of meaningful authority. Black, who is a former general counsel of a major financial institution in addition to being a law professor, slammed CalPERS […]

How Neoliberalism Undermined Experts

One regular lament in recent years has been that experts no longer get the respect they deserve. Anti-vaxxers have won a serious following, particularly among well-heeled Californians. Opponents to TPP were depicted as being against liberalized trade, a supposedly retrograde position. Creationism is now taught in some public schools in the US. The press regularly […]

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I don’t want to be a pinhead no more

2:00PM Water Cooler 7/5/2017

Today’s Water Cooler: NAFTA and corn, AHCA/BCRA, Sanders on #MedicareForAll, factory orders, Federal taxes, state budgets, GOOG

Lee Camp: Have No Fear – Trump Is Lying Us Into War Just Like All The Presidents Before Him

The Donald is completely conventional in having the media assist him in fomenting war on trumped-up grounds.

Links 7/5/17

CalPERS’ CIO Plays Board Like a Fiddle, Uses Trumpian Tactics on Credulous True Believers

CIO Ted Eliopoulos digs CalPERS a bigger PR hole and CalPERS’ board is so thick that it approves.

CalPERS CIO Sings Out of Tune, But Board Applauds His Poor Performance

A former chief investment officer critiques a remarkable, and not in a good way, performance by CalPERS’ CIO Ted Eliopoulos.

US Senate Strikes for Russian Equality – The Oligarchs Targeted in New Sanctions Bill

Parsing the details and the logic of the Senate sanctions against Russia and in particular, its oligarchs.

Links 7/4/17

More Animals in Government!

Why we should have government go more officially to the dogs and cats.